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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DLC Unlockable in FU2!!!

Ok, I came across a thread on the LucasArts forums with an interesting little tidbit...

Apparently, someone managed to unlock a few DLC for the PC version of Force Unleashed 2. In it are the Maulkiller costume, Deak Starkiller (Daddy??), Silver Lightsaber (Lightsaber xtra damage), Yellow Lightsaber (All attacks xtra damage), and five new Challenges.The vast majority of that content is not even available to console players, and LA, being lazy, actually included the data in the PC version to be unlocked later!

I can't link you to any of the unlocker programs because of ToS, but if you google it, you will find threads for it elsewhere with links and instructions. I noticed that my loading time was significantly longer (used to be about 15-20 seconds tops, now it's about a minute), but I feel it's worth it.